Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dad's 80th Birthday!

If you see your parents on a regular basis you don't noticed them
aging. So when my dad was approaching 80 years old, I thought...WOW, where did the time go?
Course then you stop to think about your own age. He keeps telling me that it's hard to think of me as a...GRANDMOTHER, or "Manga" as the grandsons call me.

Over MEMORIAL WEEKEND, we had a small family gathering for my dad.
Wonderful weather, great food, fun watching the lil ones!
Just a great combination for a great MILESTONE!

My dad used to work for the GREAT NORTHERN RAILROAD...the mascot was "Rocky"  the Great Northern Goat!   All these years he has tried to be so "gruff"....

               THE OL' GOAT! 

He would refer to himself as the Ol' Goat!
More of a family joke than truth! But this year, when ordering the cake I couldn't resist. Here is the finished cake...from Dairy Queen. Well I walked in, gave him a BIG (((hug))) and kiss and wished him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"   He started singing...."Happy Birthday to the Old Goat"

                                               We both had a good laugh....<(*\/*)>

We dont stop playing cuz we get older....
We get older when we stop "playing"!    

Age is a "Matter of Mind".....if you don't MIND, then it doesn't MATTER!!!

Come back soon, I'll show you the card I made for him. I LOVE how it turned out!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Stamping!~ Pixie

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Accordian Fold with a TWIST!!!

I saw this technique in a book and just had to play with it!
I've been having such fun making these for different
 occasions starting with my son and his wife's 4th Wedding Anniversary.

I was looking for something new
 that I could do for a change...

WELL, I found it!

Some people refer to this as a Z-fold or Accordian fold.

I felt abit TWISTED that day, so this was perfect.  

This is the FRONT...

It is my FIRST  attempt,
as you can see, it takes a twist in the middle. This way, you get to use TWO sentiments. One on the front and one...
on the BACK!!

I'm usually working under the wire....need a card like NOW!!
I find I work best UNDER PRESSURE.

later I will be posting more detailed directions for making this card.
If you would like to see first-hand how to create one for yourself
Watch for my schedule of workshops coming soon. 

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